Two ingredient bread.

On Saturday we had a church social at a local forest doing all sorts of bush craft from bivouacking, to bug hunting, to flower pressing, fire starting and nettle soup making. The kids loved it. The adults loved it for that matter too, and the rain held off!

Now everyone likes a bit of freshly baked bread to dunk in their nettle soup but where to find such luxury in the middle of the forest? I’d never even thought about baking bread al fresco but our guide showed us the simplest bread recipe known to man and it was truly scrumptious.

All you need is 2.5 cups of self raising flour and 1 cup of milk. To this basic recipe you can add in flavourings of your choice, the list is really endless. Anyway, mix it all together, adding a touch more flour if it’s too wet, and shape loosely into a round about an inch or so thick. Place in a pan directly on the fire, or on top of a grill if you have one with you. Cook for a few minutes either side et voila! Easy peasy bread!

Here are some pics. The last one was taken at home when I made some to go with a curry I’d made, adding in minced garlic and salt. Corriander (cilantro for my American followers) would’ve been great in their too had I had any to hand. I used a griddle pan on the stove and the result was a crispy exterior with soft, fluffy, carby goodness inside perfect for mopping up the spicy sauce. Enjoy!

20130619-082227 AM.jpg

20130619-082243 AM.jpg

20130619-082258 AM.jpg

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