Gender Reveal Cake

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So, it appears, once again, that good old Blighty is slowly cottoning on to yet another American excuse for a good old knees up…the gender reveal party. I won’t go in to what the hubster thought it entailed, but he was certainly way off! Basically, it’s a way of expectant parents announcing the sex of their unborn child, often by the cutting of a cake which is dyed pink or blue accordingly.

When I heard my friend was having a reveal BBQ I offered to make the cake (largely due to the fact I didn’t want to wait to find out!). It was my first attempt at dying a cake and doing any kind of sugar craft. Luckily I roped a cake decorating lecturer friend in to help me with the icing, but was on my own when it came to actually baking it. It didn’t quite go to plan. Long story short, I used the wrong kind of colouring on the first attempt. What I should’ve used was a colour paste, not the cheap liquid colours you find at the supermarket. It went into the oven looking blue, but came out beige! Two hours, a trip to the local baking supply shop and a weighing and mixing re-run later, and I had my (borderline neon) blue cake. No one could doubt the sex of the kid based on the cake that’s for sure! Seeing as i had a perfectly edible, albeit beige, spare cake i decided to use one half of it in between the two blue layers just to give it a bit more height. Anyway, here are some pictures….enjoy.

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