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Whether physical or spiritual, food is nourishing not only to our bodies, but to our souls as well. It brings families together, encourages conversations, is an expression of love and gives us the energy we need to face life with renewed vigour. Along with an abundance of delicious recipes for you to try, you’ll also find posts on here to feed your faith, so dig in, fill your plate and come back for seconds.

About the Author
Writer, mum and Pastor’s wife, I set up Teacups and Pearls as a bit of a creative outlet after finishing work to become a mummy, combining my love of writing, food and God.

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  2. Hi– I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster Award– I really love your blog and recipes! You can go to my site and see my post about the award and the nomination, “rules,” etc. All the best, and thanks for the great blog posts!

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