Phoebe’s first nursery session


In every parent child relationship, there comes a time where it becomes necessary to loosen the apron strings a bit, and a couple of days ago that bittersweet moment came for us in the form of nursery (well, pre-school really, but Phoebe calls it nursery).

Miss P has just reached the grand old age of 3 and is so ready for this first step in her formal education. The big day came, and Ste and I kept excitedly reassuring her that she would love it, that she would make new friends, and have lots of new toys to play with. However, nothing seemed to console her and she was adamant she was not going to nursery.

I was dreading dropping her off. As if I wasn’t feeling guilty enough about dropping my daughter off in an alien environment, with complete strangers who I wasn’t even sure I trusted, so could hardly expect her to trust. I’m pretty sure people think I’m an over protective mother, and I unashamedly admit it. I don’t know whether it’s a result of her being a long awaited IVF baby, or whether all mums feel the same, but I certainly didn’t go through what we did to palm my most cherished treasure off to other people willy nilly. There are very very few people I’ll leave her with feeling completely confident she’s in safe hands, so this was a huge deal for me. Anyway, I digress.

So 12.30pm arrived and I bundled her out of the car without too much resistance. Throughout the morning she kept asking whether I was going to stay with her, and I kept explaining that Mummy would drop her off, like I do at the creche at the gym, and pick her up later.  She wasn’t happy about this. A kindly lady approached us as we entered, and thankfully Phoebe seemed to warm to her, so when the lady suggested they go into the play barn, and I explained to Phoebe again that I would be back later, she reluctantly went with her, albeit with a look of horror on her face! I turned and walked out quickly, to conceal the tears that we’re starting to well in my eyes, every bone in my body screeching, “why the heck are you leaving your precious only child with people you don’t even know!”. I do of course know that this is merely the next step in our journey of raising a confident, independent and most importantly of all, happy young lady, and despite our reservations, we know that this will ultimately benefit her.

The time passed quickly and before we knew it it was time to pick our girl up. Ste and I hurriedly went inside to see Phoebe happily cuddling one of the staff, and our anxiety was replaced by relief as it had evidently been a successful afternoon! PHEW!

At home I made her her favourite treat (hot chocolate with pink marshmallows), and she told me all about her fun filled afternoon.

Now we’ve got to go through it all again today. There have already been tears…and they’re just from me! 😉

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