Who knew….slow cooker vegetarian lasagne


I adore my slow cooker and use it at least a couple of times a week. I love coming in and being greeted by the sweet smell of a hearty stew, or chunk of meat which has been slowly cooking to perfection over a few hours. While I had been scouring Pinterest looking for new slow cooker recipes, I noticed that a few people had cooked lasagne, very successfully, in their slow cookers, so I thought I’d give it a shot using left over vegetarian bolognaise sauce, I’d saved for a rainy day in the freezer.

So, this morning I quickly whipped up a cheese sauce for the top, layered the sauce and the pasta sheets in the slow cooker, before turning it on low and heading out to the gym.

By 4pm it was smelling delicious. So delicious, that Phoebe decided she wanted her dinner early!

Ste and I ate later and were really impressed at how well it turned out. Next time I would probably wait until about midday to turn the cooker on as the pasta was slightly less al dente then  I would choose, but it wasn’t disintegrating by any means. All in all, a lovely hassle free way to get a family favourite on the dinner table.