The day my husband gave another girl a Valentines…


I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.  On the one hand we certainly don’t need a designated day to tell our nearest and dearest we love them, but at the same time it reminds us to pause, take stock and be thankful for all the love in our lives in whatever way, shape or form it may take.

Pb and I came downstairs this morning to this little array of treats, lovingly laid out for us:


Two cards, two bunches of roses and two lovely little boxes containing two very pretty little necklaces. I was moved.  Not only had DH very thoughtfully bought me gifts he knew I’d love, he also bought our three year old presents as well.  This was much more than just material gifts though.  We want our daughter growing up knowing what it feels like to be cherished by a man.  We want her to see how she deserves to be treated by her spouse. We want her to learn that although marriage isn’t always a bed of roses, with the right person, kind hearts, a bucket load of forgiveness and an unwavering commitment, it can be a beautiful thing.  We don’t want her to settle for anything less. As her parents it’s our responsibility to demonstrate this for her. Her expectations of men will be created largely by how she sees her daddy treat me, and of course by how her daddy treats her. That is a big responsibility on DH’s shoulders.


Today is tinged with sadness for us too, as it’s the day our twins would have been due to make their entrance into this world, but as I watched my husband lovingly fasten the necklace up for our daughter, I reminded myself that we are blessed. We are loved. We are cherished. We have each other. We have God.  Happy Valentine’s Day.


Tough questions… What is faith?

Sometimes scripture can take us off guard. A passage can surprise us or even shock us and challenge our perceptions of what the Bible teaches.

Sometimes there are aspects of the Christian faith which we struggle to comprehend or accept. The temptation is to skim over them and assume that they can’t really be teaching what they appear to be plainly stating.

However, 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all scripture is God-breathed and useful for our teaching, reproof, correcting and training, so we cannot ignore sections of the Bible simply because they challenge our perceptions.

In the latest sermon series at Full Life Church we confront some aspects of scripture which can be difficult to understand and yet are, in many ways, fundamental to our faith. We will encounter some tough questions but we will also strive to find true, biblically based answers. This week we ask what faith is. Click here to have a listen.