Cacao nibs and peanut butter Nutriblast


If you haven’t heard the hype about Cacao Nibs where have you been hiding? Apparently high in magnesium, flavanoids, potassium and antioxidants these bitter little chunks of goodness are the most raw form of chocolate you can get. You can read more about the benefits here.


Now, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned on here that I’m on a bit more of a health kick than usual, trying to replace a few lunches a week with an additional nutriblast (I usually have one for breakfast). I’m allowing myself to add in a couple of ingredients I wouldn’t usually add to make it a bit more substantial and fill me up until we have dinner with our four year old, which is generally around 5pm.

In this blast I added the following:
20g cacao nibs
20g unsweetened peanut butter
100g spinach
80g frozen banana chunks
100ml milk of your choice (I had to use cows as had run out of almond)
Top up with water to the max line.

Blast for thirty seconds and enjoy. If you want, and I’ll probably do this next time, put the cacao in the cup first and grind to a powder using the milling blade before adding the rest if the ingredients and swapping to the extractor blade. It just makes it a little smoother.