Slimming World friendly Taco bowl

After a few technical difficulties I am back in the blogging game… PTL! I’ve missed it, and you guys, a lot. For those of you who follow teacupsandpearlsdoessw over on Instagram, you’ll see that my Slimming World journey is going pretty well. I’ve lost 23.5lb since January, and about 7 weeks ago took up jogging. After completing the c25k program, I now find myself doing 5k every other weekday and aiming for twice at the weekend. My losses have slowed recently, but I’m putting that down to the fact I’m building muscle (I hope at any rate!). 

What I absolutely love about Slimming World is the sheer variety and quantity of food you can eat, and for a foodie like me that’s absolutely bliss! 

This recipe is literally comfort in a bowl, and an edible bowl at that! I first had one of these in a market in Boston way back in 2004 and it was love at first bite. Obviously tacos aren’t particularly SW friendly in their usual form, but with a couple of little changes you can create a very good substitute. 

You’ll need:

1 Weight Watchers low fat wrap (healthy extra b choice

5% beef mince



Spices (chilli, garlic, smoked paprika, curry powder, beef oxo cube) 

75g Primula light cheese (healthy extra a choice) 

Tomato salsa (made my frying off a finely diced onion with garlic before adding a can of chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper and pinch of cayenne and stevia then simmering for 30 minutes until thickened-works brilliantly as a pizza sauce too) 


Pickled jalapeños 

Put the wrap in an oven proof bowl so it effectively lines it and forms a bowl shape. Bake in a preheated oven until crisp (about 10-12 mins at 180oC). Do keep a close eye on  it though as they burn quickly. 

In the meantime fry off the onion, peppers, mince and spices until softened and cooked through. Add a little water if you think it needs it. 

Once the wrap is crisp, put your newly formed bowl on a plate, line with salad, add the mince mixture the  top with warmed Primula, tomato salsa, fat free fromage frais if you fancy it and finely diced jalapeños. Serve with extra salad for even more speed food.  


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