On the menu this week: 2nd June


My friends take the mickey out of me for this, but each Sunday evening, after Miss P has gone to bed, I sit down with my diary, a weekly planner and my husband and plan out what our week looks like.  I go through the freezer and cupboards before writing a menu, and then I do the food shop online which arrives the following morning.  Yes, it’s slightly obsessive, but we’re a busy family, and I like to plan ahead to make my life easier and more efficient. So, this week our menu has panned out like this:

MONDAY: Vegetarian lasagne, which I made last week from some left over bolognaise and froze, and salad.

TUESDAY: Venison burgers (spicy bean one for hubby), baked sweet potato wedges and salad.

WEDNESDAY: Monkfish (which incidentally I picked up at the supermarket for the bargain price of £2.41 and froze!) with black olive sauce, crispy herbed potatoes and broccoli.

THURSDAY: Spaghetti with prawns, slow roasted tomatoes, anchovies, olives, chilli, lemon and peas.

FRIDAY: Our usual homemade curry night.  If hubby is on target work wise he might make his signature Hyderabad  curry, if not I’ll probably do a Thai Massaman.

I tend to leave the weekends free as we’re usually doing something with friends or family, and this weekend is no different. BBQ with the Assyrian side of the family on Saturday, then out at a local country fair on Sunday after church.

So, there you go, our week in food! How is yours looking?

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  1. Hi there, I do weekly meal planning too! But I am also posting to say that as a Phoenix Trader I am excited to see the Phoenix Family Organiser put to good use! Have signed up to follow your postings. Love and blessings, Sarah (in France) xx

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