Beauty in all things.

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As I was sitting outside this morning enjoying a steaming coffee in the balmy English summer sun, Phoebe ran over cradling something in her hands. Her face lit up as she presented her precious finds and exclaimed, “Mummy, I bought you fower!”, delicately placing a few carefully selected pretty little purple flowers in my hand. What struck me was that out of all the flowers in the garden she had chosen the weeds to pick. Had I been weeding I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at the flowers and sent them to an early grave inside the brown bin. This got me thinking; there is beauty in everything, we just have to open our eyes and look for it. In this shallow society we so often take things and people at face value without stopping to look properly, find and appreciate their best qualities. We often forget that we are all miracles, created by God in His image. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. Be blessed. Go about your business today with fresh eyes, appreciative eyes and eyes that endeavour to find the beauty in each person, situation or weed.

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  1. My grandma banned me from gardening as a child because every plant I thought was pretty turned out to be a weed. I would gather up the weeds she dug up and place them in a vase where they could look pretty for a day of two more. I could never understand how she couldn’t see the beauty in them just as I struggle to understand how God sees beauty in me but I am thankful he does.

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